International Volunteers

Information in english:

Welcome to the website of the Protestant Forum for Voluntary Service in Development Cooperation eFeF! (The abbreviation eFeF is taken from the forum's full German name:  “evangelisches Forum entwicklungspolitischer Freiwilligendienst eFeF”.)

We are a network of Protestant and development organizations, associations and agencies who offer development volunteer service placements, mainly within the weltwärts programme (

Since 2013 volunteers from countries in the global South have also been able to take part in development volunteer service "weltwärts" in Germany. This intensifies the exchange between people from these countries and Germany and promotes the networking of all volunteers and partners.

For eFeF organizations it is important to work together on equal footing with their partners, knowing that due to unequal power structures this is not always realizable. Still the collaboration is based on common goals.

Are you interested in volunteering in Germany?

The forum eFeF does not offer volunteer service placements itself, but many of its member organizations host volunteers in Germany.

For more information e.g. on requirements, how to apply etc. please visit the weltwärts website:

Information on application procedures is available from the sending partner organizations in your home country. Please find contact details on the weltwärts website:

Are you interested in cooperating with partners to send volunteers to Germany?

For more information on how to become a sending organization please visit the weltwärts website: